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Title: Escape of the Wild Thing (Director's Cut)
Subtitled: Yes
Language: English
United States
Production Status: Completed
Completion Year:

Something funny happened to Jimmy Tairao on the way to Seminary. A mysterious yet nagging voice commands him to marry his former maid and baby-sitter, Trini Nopales, to better the relations between himself and his headstrong father, Alfonso Tirao. Since Jimmy is young, idealistic and devoutly religious, he reluctantly agrees to marry the non-virtuous Trini, and, as ordered, tries to make a decent wife out of her. When Trini's old lover and former common-law husband, Chucho Trujillo, storms into town, all hell breaks loose. Trini means well and she wants to be a devoted pastor's wife but she is also a victim of her own beauty. Her inner-most desires and passions betray her.

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