Golden Paint and Body Service now offers do your own
Would you like to do your own body work and auto painting?
This facility now offers work bays for sanding parts, replacing, and prep for painting.
Perfect for who needs more space to paint your vehicle or needs a spray booth to paint.

Bay & Spray Booth Rental
• Bay rental - $50.00 day to day rental (9:00A.M.-5P.M.)
• Spray paint booth - $200.00 , 48 hrs. on-site assistance available.
• Frame machine and sand blasting cost depends on extent of repairs.
• All tools available for rent.

  • Any equipment mistreated or broken will be replaced by renter.
  • Site will be open normal business hours.
  • Spray gun can provided at $25 usage fee.
  • Consultants on-site is available for how to paint.
  • You must provide proof of liability insurance.

Call 254-526-6138 to schedule a viewing or call to reserve date