How we approach you.
Our philosophy is to first and foremost be a consultant to our clients, to provide our clients with uncompromising guidance and direction in order to reach the ultimate balance between cost and market effect. It is our task to help the client see their service or product objectively. Many marketing firms see the media they are most familiar with as the best choice for a job. Likewise, client personnel tend to think in terms of the media they’ve used before. We believe this thinking is too narrow and that we have a duty to help the client achieve their goals through the optimal media regardless of what they or we have taken advantage of in the past. It is by our years of experience and a commitment to excellence that we can offer expert advice and direct the client to take advantage of the most beneficial media and marketing method for them. Eye Candy’s multi-disciplinary approach to marketing keeps all options open and can take advantage of emerging technologies and methodologies. The typical end result is a uniquely individual story about that client, and media that produces outstanding results.
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